Ever thought you could run your Jupyter notebooks on a browser, without having to initiate Python jupyter server on your local machine/host ? With this Jupyter lab distribution, you do not need to run jupyter notebook command in your terminal anymore to launch your notebook.

It completely runs on a web browser, without having any dependency of installations on the end user device. Since JupyterLite is a distribution of the JupyterLab, it comes with the latest improvements and new features.

Getting started

There are two ways to quickly get started with JupyterLite -

Trying it online


Try it locally

JupyterLite can…

A Quick alternate for creating histograms in PowerBI within a minute

Image by author

If you are a data analyst and started using Power BI , one thing you would see missing in the default charts are Histograms / Frequency plots for numeric features. Though there is a custom visual available on market place, it has a limited functionality.

I realized there is hardly any article/tutorial on how to bring in the histograms into PowerBI with customizations. …

How the AI tools can be leveraged to tackle Security and maintenance automation challenges posed by Covid

Image Source — Freepik.com

AI and Construction

People have been constructing shelters and buildings for centuries, making construction one of the oldest occupations. However, the way buildings are designed, planned, and built has changed significantly. In the AEC industry, technology has been used for decades to make work more competitive and construction projects and structures safer.

Construction companies have gradually begun to use artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of ways to make construction more effective and creative in recent years. …

The latest October 2020 major Python update brings some significant changes and additions to the language. Here are 5 cool features that the developers especially working on the web frameworks like Django & Flask would love.

Image from Freepik

Relaxed restrictions on decorators

The latest update relaxes the grammar restrictions for decorators, mainly helping few niche use cases like callbacks in GUI frameworks.

Previously, decorators could only consist of the @ symbol, a name (e.g. func) or a dotted name (func.method) and optionally a single call (func.method(arg1, arg2)). With Python 3.9, decorators can now consist of any valid expression.

In earlier versions of Python, you couldn’t access…

A Step by step guide to creating interactive map visuals in Python using opensource libraries - Altair, Plotly, and Folium

Interactive choropleth map using Plotly in python — Image by author

Are you looking for a simple Python library with which to create a choropleth map for your next web app or blog? Or maybe you’ve spent hours online looking for tutorials on how to get started? While there are a lot of popular libraries that can get you started with the simple implementation of static choropleth maps(such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and so on), if interactivity is what you are looking for then this is the article for you! While there are libraries like d3.js which can build custom maps, there are few simpler tools that you can explore. …

Image by author

How the latest Python-PowerBI integration can be used to leverage the advanced visuals from python combined with the native data drill through and DAX functionalities

The latest Python visual support completes the support for Python in Power BI, enabling you to use Python scripts to prepare your dataset, apply sophisticated analytics or machine learning in the Power BI Desktop, and then plot the results in your Power BI reports using any of the hundreds of open-source Python visualization packages.

This visuals update with cross-filtering within the report and can be combined with DAX functionality. …

Before & After Effects of the HMR on the city’s traffic movement : Analytics from the Uber Movement Dataset.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail

Uber movement roll out in India has opened up new possibilities for urban planners and authorities to get insights about how cities move at different times of the day, week and the year. These comprehensive data sets aggregated from millions of trips have the potential to support data-driven policy-making and infrastructure development.

As part of my exploration of datasets and analytics through data visualisation, I decided to explore uber movement data for Hyderabad city. With the Metro transit starting last year…

A use case of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm in space planning

Computers had a dramatic impact on architectural practice. Although this transformation increased the efficiency and productivity incredibly, CAD was just the computerized version of the fundamental workflow where the design decisions developed through what are typically called ‘rule of thumbs’ and human design intuition. For example the use of symmetrical layouts with a focus on the geometrical centre of the layout, and clustering programs together or placing them in proximity to access points. Although this traditional approach is efficient, when applied to complex problems they generally do not yield to the best overall solutions. …

The BigData phenomenon presents huge opportunities for the designers to Leverage the technology

Image by Author

In the architectural discourse, when we talk about the advent of technology, we often discuss its potential to change the nature of digital design as well as the construction techniques and smart systems. While these processes are being extensively developed and adopted, there is this global phenomenon entering the field, which has the potential to radically influence the design and development decisions we make — Big Data. AEC firms, just like any other businesses might be facing a flood of data in the near future (if they aren’t already). …

Srihari Pramod

Data Analytics & Decision Science expert working on AI products and architectural technologies .Hyderabad,India.

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